Chinese Communist Party Officially Endorses the “Spirit of Enterprise” for the First Time


The Chinese Communist Party and central government have just issued an official document that formally endorses the “spirit of enterprise,” as part of efforts to bolster the country’s business environment and rule of law.

According to the “Opinions of the CCP Central Committee and the State Council on Operating an Environment for the Healthy Development of Entrepreneurs, Extolling an Outstanding Entrepreneurial Spirit and Better Employing the Role of Entrepreneurs” (中共中央 国务院 关于营造企业家健康成长环境弘扬优秀企业家精神更好发挥企业家作用的意见) released on 25 September the “entrepreneur is the key actor of economic activity.”

“Since reform and opening, a large cohort of outstanding entrepreneurs have rapidly developed amidst market competition, and a large group of enterprises possessing core competitiveness have continually emerged,” say the Opinions.

“They have made a major contribution to the accumulation of public wealth, the creation of employment positions, the expediting of economic and social development, and the strengthening of integrated national capability.”

The Opinions outline a total of 29 proposals for “operating a healthy development environment for entrepreneurs, extolling an outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, and better employing the role of entrepreneurs.”

The opening proposals focus in particular upon the creation of a sound legal environment for business activities, and the protection of the legal rights and interests of entrepreneurs.

This includes the lawful protection of the property rights of entrepreneurs, lawful protection of the intellectual property rights of entrepreneurs, and lawful protection of the “sovereign operating rights” of Chinese businesses.