China’s 2017 Full Year CPI Up 1.6%, December CPI Rises 1.8%


The latest official data points to stable, moderate consumer price inflation in China for 2017.

Caijing reports that China’s national consumer price index (CPI) saw year-on-year growth of 1.8% in December, with cities posting a rise of 1.9%, and rural villages seeing an increase of 1.7%.

Food prices fell by 0.4%, while non-food prices rose 2.4%. Consumer goods prices rose by 1.1%, while services prices increased by 3.0%.

China’s December CPI posted a 0.3% increase compared to November, with cities seeing an increase of 0.3% and rural villages a rise of 0.4%.

China’s national CPI posted a full year increase of 1.6% for 2017 compared to the preceding year.