Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Tag: Chinese financial opening

Opening of China’s Financial Sector Unaffected by Coronavirus, Shanghai Destined to Become International Finance Centre: PBOC

A senior official from the Chinese central bank says that the spread of the novel coronavirus will not have an impact on...

China Will Continue to Open to Foreign Investment, Shrink Negative Investment List: Vice-premier Han Zheng

One of China's senior-most politicians has reiterated Beijing's commitment to further opening of the country's domestic economy.

JPMorgan Becomes First US Bank Approved for Majority-owned Securities Venture in China

JPMorgan Chase has obtained approval from Chinese regulators to launch its own majority-owned securities business in the Middle Kingdom.

Foreign Investors Allowed Full Ownership of Chinese Life Insurance Companies in 2020

China's insurance regulator will remove restrictions on foreign ownership of domestic life insurance companies starting from 2020.

Opening of China’s Financial Sector Has Hit a “Bottleneck”: Huang Qifan

A leading Chinese politician has highlighted the limitations of China's ongoing efforts to open up its financial sector to foreign participants.

Beijing to Launch Fintech Innovation Platform as Part of Financial Sector Opening

Fintech has emerged as a key focus of a raft of new financial sector opening measures unveiled by the Beijing municipal government.

Beijing Regulator Calls for Further Fintech Opening, Reveals Plans for Public Fintech R&D Platform

The head of Beijing's financial regulator has stressed the need for opening of the Chinese fintech sector as part of broader market...

Greater Chinese Banks Strive to Capitalise upon Beijing’s Financial Opening

Banks from Taiwan and Singapore are leading the charge to take advantage of mainland China's recent efforts to open its financial sector...

Fullerton Fund Management’s WOFE First to Grab Approval for Investment Advisory Services in China

Singapore's Fullerton Fund Management has announced that its wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) in China has obtained approval from regulators to engage in...

Beijing Opens China’s Pensions Sector to Foreign-invested Insurer

China's insurance regulator has allowed a foreign invested insurer to enter the domestic pensions sector for the first time.

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Chinese Central Bank Hails Eradication of P2P Lending, “Orderly Disposal” of High-risk Financial Institutions

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) has highlighted the removal of all of the country's P2P lending platforms in 2020 as part...

NDRC Flags Active Fiscal Policy, Increased Spending on New Infrastructure in 2021

China's chief planning authority has outlined a raft of its policy intentions for 2021, as the national economy continues to recover from...

China’s GDP Breaches 100 Trillion Yuan Threshold after Posting 2.3% Growth in 2020, Disposable Income up 4.7%

Official data points to growth of over 2% in Chinese GDP in 2020 despite the adverse economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic....

China Bans Banks from Selling Depository Products via Third Party Online Platforms

Beijing has issued a new directive which further steps up pressure on the sale of depository products via online fintech platforms, after...